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Plain Heras Fence Covers
Black Heras Fence ScreenPuch Hole Eyelet

Plain Fence Scrim - 50m Rolls


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Plain Heras Fence Sreening

Often purchased with our branded Heras fence scrim are our plain Heras fence screens. Giving heras fences a more aesthetically pleasing but budget friendly finish, our plain fence screens give anywhere between 55% to 95% visual blockout, ideal for when your event requires that little bit of added privacy. Manufactured in 50m rolls at 1.83m high they are made to fit over the frame of temporary fence panels and help create a virtual wall between your clients and the general public.

Our standard plain Heras fence screens are made to the folowing specifications however we do also offer different grades and sizes, please contact a member of our team to discuss this option:

Length: 50m
Height: 1830mm
Material: 55%-95% visual blockout woven mesh, HDPE flat tape threads, double lock stitch and tear proof
Colours: Black, green - other colours are available in the A Grade material
Finish: Reinforced hem, puch hole eyelets


Our online prices are based on a 7-10 working day turnaround time, if you require your fence screen delivered within 1-7 working days please contact us for prices. Heras fence screens are delivered for £22+VAT regardless of quantities.

We have a wide range of heras fence and barrier covers for you to choose from to suit any and every budget, for more information before you order our covers please call 01213086441 or email where one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to help.