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Feather Flags


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Printed Feather Flags
All feather flags are tailored to suit your individual requirements and are manufactured with ease of transportation, storage and assembly at the forefront of the production process. The prices shown include a full colour print flag, pole, carry bag and optional base.

Feather Flags Specifications
Flag Material: 115gsm polyester
Pole MaterialBottom section aluminium, top two sections fibre
Printing: Full colour single sided (double sided print available on request)
Set Contents: Flag, pole, carry bag, optional base
Flag Material: 115gsm polyester

Flag Width: 67cm
Flag Height: 214cm
Total Pole Height: 250cm (when straight)

Flag Width: 84cm
Flag Height: 259cm
Total Pole Height: 300cm (when straight)

Flag Width: 92cm
Flag Height: 350cm
Total Pole Height: 399cm (when straight)

Flag Width: 91cm
Flag Height: 414cm
Total Pole Height: 455cm (when straight)