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At Crowd Control, we want our customers to make the most informed decisions possible. Our blog provides the essential insight into the world of crowd control, events and safety barriers, allowing you to brush up on your knowledge before purchasing. If you’re also struggling for inspiration or aren’t sure on the most efficient use for your new barriers, our blog also provides guidance for you, ensuring you get the most of out your product.

Advertising Flag Types

The Benefits of Using Advertising Flags

28 February 2018

Looking to advertise without spending tons of cash? Then discover Crowd Control's tips and advice.

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Chapter 8 Barriers

Chapter 8 Plastic Pedestrian Barriers

25 January 2018

What Are Chapter 8 Barriers And Why We Must Use Them

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Scrim Design

How To Create And Send You Artwork

28 November 2017

How Do You Create And Send Your Artwork To Us?

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Crowd Barrier Covers

Crowd Barrier Covers Choices

19 October 2017

What Crowd Barrier Cover Best Suits Your Needs?

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Flag Base Options

Choose The Right Base For Your Advertising Flags

11 October 2017

Which Base Do You Require For Your Advertising Flag

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Crowd Control Barrier Sizes

How To Measure For Your Barrier Covers

03 October 2017

Crowd Barrier Cover Measurements

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