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No Parking Cones
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No Parking Cones - No Waiting Cones


Minimum order quantity 35

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No Parking Cones

These 57cm high Mk™5 two-piece 'No Waiting' cone are made with a UV stabilised LDPE rotationally moulded top and a 100% recycled PVC base and come complete with a reflective 'No Waiting' roundel.

Cone Specifications

Base Width: 430mm
Height: 570mm
Weight: 3.14kg
Colours: Yellow cone, black base, reflective stickers
Compliance: Sleeve complies to EN13422

Free UK Delivery

All orders of traffic cones received by 1pm will be shipped to the UK mainland next working day with FREE DELIVERY regardless of quantities.

We are increasingly supplying a large number of European mainland countries with our range of products, if you would like a quote on non-UK mainland delivery please call 0121 308 6441 or email