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Crowd Control Barriers

What are Crowd Control Barriers?

Crowd control barriers, also called pedestrian barriers, fences or barricades, are ideal to ensure that you and your customers are kept safe, or to  prevent and stop people from venturing into restricted areas.

Barrier Hire

If you’re looking for crowd control barriers, fences and barricades for your business, then Crowd Control Solutions
is perfect for you. We’ve got a wide selection of crowd control and pedestrian barriers and fence products. From buying heras fence panels, crowd control barriers or branded barriers to use on a building site or at a large scale music festival, you can rest assured that your crowd management is taken care of.

We pride ourselves in providing high quality crowd control solutions that will withstand the test of time, and can hold its own during adverse weather. There is also the option to hire fences and barriers with Crowd Control Solutions. Get in touch with Crowd Control Solutions today to discuss your fencing needs.

Buy Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd Control Barriers for Sale At Crowd Control Solutions, we provide a wide range of crowd control barriers to suit any event or site at any UK location. Our fleet of delivery vehicles are well equipped to transport the crowd control barriers you have purchased in a safe, fast and reliable manner which...

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Buy Heras Fence Panels

Heras Fence Panels are temporary mesh fencing panels ideally used on construction sites. Often referred to as harris fencing, herras fencing or herris fencing, you can rest assured that we only sell genuine, heavy duty Heras fence panels. With accompanying pedestrian gates and vehicle gates, all of which are...

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Buy Plastic Posts And Chains

Plastic posts and chains are an affordable, multi-functional traffic, crowd and queue system. Supplied to us direct from our UK manufacturer and coming complete with pre-weighted bases these plastic posts and chains do not compromise on quality whilst offering uncomparable reliability.  Coming complete with...

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Heras Fencing Netting

Heras fencing netting is mainly used on construction sites containing temporary fencing or scaffolding. This particular netting is attached to temporary site perimeter fencing or scaffolding with cable ties which slot through the already present eyelets. This creates an easily affordable debris net and privacy...

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Plastic Mesh Barrier Fencing

Heavy Duty Plastic Mesh Barrier Fencing | Barrier Fencing Mesh | Plastic Mesh Heavy duty plastic mesh barrier fencing is available with or without accompanying metal fencing pins and is ideal to erect a quick and easy, highly visible fencing barrier. Buy Heavy Duty Plastic Mesh Barrier Fencing To Create ...

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